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Add preview of ribbons and distinctions that Czech volunteer firefighters can obtain in the Czech Republic.
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[distinctions] - shows a collection of ribbons.
  • [distinctions tabcolor="#841a1a]" – Show all categories. This shortcode requires the Fruitful Shortcodes plugin to be installed. The tabcolor is not required and denotes color of selected tab.
  • [distinctions group="shcms"] – Distinctions of Sdružení hasičů Čech, Moravy a Slezska.
  • [distinctions group="hzs"] – Distinctions of Hasičský záchranný sbor ČR.
  • [distinctions group="chj"] – Distinctions of Česká hasičská jednota.
  • [distinctions group="mhj"] – Distinctions of Moravská hasičská jednota.
  • [distinctions group="hcr"] – Distinctions of Hasiči ČR, o.s.
  • [distinctions group="sbory"] – Distinctions awarded by particular fire-fighting units.
  • [distinctions group="mesta-a-obce"] – Municipal level awards.
  • [distinctions group="okresy"] – Sub-district level awards.
  • [distinctions group="kraje"] – District level awards.
  • [distinctions group="statni"] – National awards.
  • [distinctions group="ostatni"] – Others.
  • For complete list of available options see conf/distinctions-conf.php.
[ribbon_rack] - shows a ribbon rack with ribbon in right order. Attributes:
  • distinctions="" – Comma separated list of ribbon. Order does not matter. Ribbon names are shown when you hover the mouse over a ribbon.
  • ribbon-height="17" – Height of ribbons.
  • align="center|right" – Align of rows in the rack, either to the right or to the center. Default is center.
  • columns="3|4" – Number of ribbons in a row. default is 3.


[ribbon_rack distinctions="hzs-pametni-medaile-10-let,shcms-za-vernost-30,shcms-cestne-uznani-ksh,shcms-za-zasluhy,shcms-za-prikladnou-praci" ribbon-height="20" align="center"] [ribbon_rack distinctions="hzs-pametni-medaile-10-let,shcms-za-vernost-30,shcms-cestne-uznani-ksh,shcms-za-zasluhy,shcms-za-prikladnou-praci" align="right" columns="4"]

Technical support

If you have any questions or recommendations regarding the functionality of our plugins (existing options, new options, current issues), please feel free to contact us.

To install this plugin:

  1. Download and unpack the plugin.
  2. Upload distinctions directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ on your web server.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  4. Add shortcodes into web pages.

To upgrade this plugin:

  1. Backup your /wp-content/plugins/distinctions directory.
  2. Replace /wp-content/plugins/distinctions directory with the new one.
  3. If you made some manual changes to configuration files then transfer these changes to the new installation.
Preview of all distinctions


Ribbon rack


Version 1.3 (release date: 4.9.2017)
  • BUG FIX: obselete split() PHP function replaced with explode()
  • New distinctions:
    • OSH Opava
Version 1.2 (release date: 30.12.2016)
  • New distinctions:
    • Medaile MHJ Za vernost, V. a VI. stupen
    • Medale MHJ Za prikladnou praci, I. az III. stupen
    • Rad prezidia MHJ, I. az III. stupen
    • Rad prezidenta MHJ
    • Medaile hejtmana Pardubického kraje
    • Fotka pametni medaile HZS – 10 let
    • Fotka medaile primatora Ceskych Budejovic Za statecnost
    • Fotka medaile primatora Ceskych Budejovic Za zasluhy
    • SDH Provodov – zasluzna
    • SDH Kbely – 135 let
    • SDH Smidary – zasluzna
    • OSH Zlin – zasluzna (druha verze)
    • OSH Uherske Hradiste – zasluzna
    • SDH Sovetice
    • ZZS Ceska Kamenice – 10 let sluzby
    • ZZS Ceska Kamenice – 15 let sluzby
    • Za aktivni peci o hasicskou historii
    • Rad zlate klobasy pro SDH Rokytno
    • Rad zlate varecky – varianta 2016
    • OSH Vsetin – zasluzna
    • SDH Moravany – zasluzna
Version 1.1 (release date: 13.8.2016)
  • Fixed ribbon of SDH Zarovice
  • Fixed year on SDH Plumlov (2014 -> 2009)
  • SDH ribbond re-ordered alphabetically
  • New distictions:
    • Zasluzna medaile OSH Pribram
    • Zasluzna medaile ceskeho hasicstva
    • Zasluzna medaile OSH Chrudim, I-III stupen
    • OSH Chrudim: cestny funcionar
    • Zasluzna medaile KSH Pardubice
    • Pametni medaile SDH Zitna – 110 let
    • Zasluzna medaile SDH Dolni Cermna
    • Zasluzna medaile SDH Dubany
    • Zasluzna medaile KSH Zlin
    • Zasluzna medaile SDH Jevisovice
    • Mezinarodni setkani sberatelu hasicskych predmetu 16.-17.9.2016 Polsko
    • Setkani konskych hasicskych historickych strikacek 6.8.2016 8. rocnik Melice
    • Zasluzna medaile SDH Rohovladova Bela
    • Pametni medaile SDH Vedomice – 130 let

Version 1.0 (release date: 1. 4. 2016)

  • Initial release
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